There has been considerable discussion on Clubtalk and Facebook regarding Steve Beddor offering one of the Beddor Sport Quattros for sale on Bring A Trailer. These were are very special cars with the road cars being built to homologate the Audi for FIA Group B competition. A little research indicates 164 road cars were built and likely 10 or less came to the US. Through considerable effort, the Beddor family brought then into the country and ran them regularly at BIR.

The auction runs through June 14th and is available here. The fascinating story of these cars is well documented in the auction listing and very much worth the read.

So what is the Nord Stern connection you may ask? Frank Beddor, Jr. was a huge Audi Quattro enthusiast and after participating in the Last Fling in 1983 endeavored to create the original Quattro Club which is now called the Audi Club. Many Nord Stern members, including myself, were part of the early days of the Quattro Club.

I wrote in the December 2007 edition of Nord Stern of Frank Beddor, Jr after his passing in November 2007. The article details the connection between the Nord Stern and the founding of the Quattro Club. A version appears here.