Car Number Assignments

… and How to Request a Change

Every year prior to the start of the Driver Education (DE) track season, the Club opens up the car number registration period.  Car numbers are used at our various track events to help with identification and overall safety.  The Registrar is responsible for the assignment of car numbers and to ensure that they are unique with the DE Run Group session; including those 2nd day late afternoon sessions when groups are combined to allow additional track time for participants.

If you plan on participating in Nord Stern’s track events on a regular basis, you should reserve a number which will be associated to your name and one that can be used on any vehicle you bring to the track.  As long as you participate in at least one track event within a moving 3-year period of time your assigned number will be yours to use.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure you want to jump into the track season and don’t mind getting a random number assigned to you at each event, the Registrar will give you a number on the event confirmation that gets emailed to you.  These numbers can be applied to your car using painters tape or window paint.  Both will be available for you at the event Registration desk.



  • Drivers must have registered for a DE event in the previous 3 years. Unused numbers are released for reassignment.
  • Active drivers (after their first year) may request a different number if it is available.
  • Duplicate number requests will be resolved by seniority based upon the number of years each member has been active within Nord Stern.
  • Drivers will be notified of their number assignment by email.


Request a Number

To request a car number, simply contact the Registrar using the Request Form below.  To make the assignment process as efficient as possible, provide your current number if you have one, and three (3) new numbers in order of preference.  The first one available on your list will be yours to use!

Conflicting number requests will be given priority based your current membership status and when the change request has been received.

Request Form