Nord Stern utilizes an email-based list server for member subscribers.  ClubTalk focuses on car issues and discussions as well as a place to ask questions, get recommendations, and general happenings within the club.  Get those last minute breaking news on upcoming events and activities by subscribing!

So just what is ClubTalk?  It is an electronic mailing list that forwards emails to each and every subscriber.  Anyone can post a message from their registered email address and the list server will do the distribution on your behalf.  ClubTalk behaves as a townhall-like discussion forum with everyone able to participate by simply replying to a message received in their inbox.

ClubTalk is an opt-in service to the Nord Stern membership.  Your membership status must be current and you need to have a valid and working email address to which the list server will accept messages to be posted and sent to other subscribers.  Browse the FAQs for additional information or if you have issues with the list.

How to Join ClubTalk

Subscribing (joining) and unsubscribing (leaving) ClubTalk is the only administrative type of activity members have to be involved with.  There are two ways to join ClubTalk.  Use one or the other.  You don’t need to do both!

After following one of the sets of instructions below, you may have some additional steps to take.

  • You may get a message asking for confirmation that you really want to subscribe to ClubTalk.  This prevents anyone from using your address to subscribe without your permission.  Simply follow the instructions provided in the message to confirm that you want to subscribe.
  • You may have to wait for the administrator to confirm your subscription request; typically within a day or two.

Once you are confirmed you’ll get another message welcoming you to the list.  This message will contain some useful information including your ClubTalk password along with some links for changing your options.  You should probably save the message for later reference.


Using the web interface

Using your browser, go to the Information page and scroll down to the section marked “Subscribing to Clubtalk” and fill in the boxes.

  • You are required to enter a valid email address
  • You can choose to enter your real name to help the list administrator validate your membership; especially if you’re using an email address that hasn’t been registered with Nord Stern Membership.  (If you choose not to enter your name, the administrator is going to do it for you.)
  • Optionally you can choose your own password.  If you don’t, the server will generate one for you.

DON’T use a valuable password and don’t reuse one you already have.  Unless configured not to, the server sends out a subscription reminder every month with the password mailed to you in plain text.

Using the email interface

From the email account you wish to use for ClubTalk, send a mail to or  The subject and body of the message will be ignored, so it doesn’t matter what you put there.

How to leave ClubTalk

Don’t want to be on ClubTalk any longer?  If you’re just going on vacation or you’re getting to busy and simply want to turn things off for a while, you may want to consider stopping ClubTalk instead of unsubscribing.  This means you’ll keep your password and other settings which will make it easier to get restarted.  You can find how to disable ClubTalk temporarily in the FAQs.

So you actually want to leave?  Here’s how to unsubscribe from ClubTalk.  Use one or the other of these two methods.  You don’t need to use both!

After you follow one set of these instructions, you will be sent a confirmation mail and must follow the instructions given in that mail to complete the unsubscription.  This is required to stop people from unsubscribing you without your permission.  Additionally, the list administrator may want additional information to approve your unsubscribe request.

Using the web interface

  1. Go to Information page of Clubtalk.
  2. Look for the section “ClubTalk subscribers” towards the bottom of the page
  3. Find the button “Unsubscribe or Edit Options”.  Enter the registered email address in the box next to the button and click the button.
  4. This will bring you to a new page which has an “Unsubscribe” button.  Click that and follow the directions.

Using the email interface

From the email account you registered with ClubTalk, send a mail to or  The subject and body of the message will be ignored, so it doesn’t matter what you put there.

If you don’t receive the unsubscribe confirmation mail with instructions, make sure you entered your email address correctly if you used the web interface or that the address you tried to unsubscribe is actually subscribed to ClubTalk.

Once your unsubscription has been processed, you will receive another message confirming this event and you should stop receiving messages.

You can skip the entire confirmation process by using your password instead; either logging into your account options page or sending it with your email commands to and using “unsubscribe <password>” in the body of the message.  (Replace <password> with your ClubTalk account password.)

I am a long term member of Nord Stern, but rarely a participant in the club’s activities. But I really like ClubTalk for helping me learn a lot about my cars. I have gotten invaluable advice about evaluating service providers that I have subsequently utilized (glass, paint, tires, etc). This is a really valuable service to those of us who live well outside the Twin Cities metro.  I also enjoy the social aspects of ClubTalk including the garage pictures, local racing successes and failures, and the incredible adventures of a few members (Dave Roberts, etc).

AJ LeRoy
’95 911C4
’17 Macan