With the Club Race almost upon us, I thought I would share a couple of what I think are the most memorable Club Race trophies. Nord Stern started off with special trophies for the first 3 years with the woolen hats I’m sure you have seen. That was when PCA was discouraging trophies in Club Racing so it was great fun to do something tongue-in-cheek. Later trophies became part of the program though I think it’s fair to say things got a bit out of control for a time. Somewhere I have the Club Racing version of the Stanley Cup that I won for dominating my two car class.

Part of the marketing of “The Loonacy” was to have interesting trophies. Something memorable not just massive. Here are two of my absolute favorites – mostly for the creativity involved.

2004 featured an actual working aluminum race jack. Northern Tool sold this line of jacks and had these mini version. I bought all they had locally and had them ship some more in. I wish I could remember the cost, but it wasn’t a big number. The red jack shown here sat on my desk for a number of years and I spent hours on conference calls jacking it up and letting it down.

Carmichael Lynch came up with my second favorite. I think it speaks for itself in Porsche coolness. PCA used a version of this trophy to give to those who brought very special cars for their display at Rennsport Reunion III which was at Daytona.

Trophies died an ignominious death because the serious racers didn’t really care and they were tremendously challenging to manage. Also few racers wanted to stay around for an awards ceremony. For several years we gave out bottles of Smoking Loon wine which was most appropriate.