Jeff Bluhm was recently honored at a luncheon with Board Members Chip Smith and Roger Johnson for his 17 years as Nord Stern Treasurer.  

It was most appropriate for Chip Smith to make the presentation as it was Chip that got Jeff involved with the club. When Chip was elected Nord Stern President for 2005, he recruited his close friend and fellow enthusiast to serve as his Treasurer.  Little did he know he would still be Treasurer when Chip became President again in 2020.  This was a classic case of “just one more year” and with Jeff’s “can do” attitude one year simply blended into the next. Each incoming President wanted Jeff to continue and was grateful when he agreed to another year. 

Nord Stern is extremely thankful to Jeff for his careful management of the club’s money and fellowship over these many years. 

Todd Smith has taken over from Jeff and will capably fill Jeff’s huge shoes.