Vic Elford passed away yesterday at age 86. An Englishman by birth but a Florida resident since the mid-80s. There is a Nord Stern connection in that we had Vic as a dinner speaker in January 2002 (there is typo in the above image). I volunteered to pick him up at the airport and was fortunate to spend some time with him that day. We crossed paths a number of times over the years. Vic was a great story teller, huge smile, and very fun to be around. A great dinner speaker and did not disappoint Nord Stern.

If you are not familiar Vic’s bio, Porsche released today a one minute video here and a press release here. You can find a huge amount of material online.

Vic raced at Brainerd twice in Can-Am. 1970 in a McLaren M6B and DNF’d with a variety of engine leaks after 22 laps. Denny Hulme won. He returned in 1971 in a much better McLaren M6E and finished 4th, just ahead of Jo Siffert’s 917/10. Peter Revson won that race with Hulme 2nd. Other Formula 1 drivers in the race included Jackie Stewart and Jackie Oliver.

1979 on his way to a 4th. Don’t you love BIR without the walls? Photo from David Weisel.

One of his favorite stories involved exceeding 380 kph (236 mph) in 1971 on the Mulsanne straight in the ill-handling 917LH. He won Sebring that year in a 917. Steve McQueen used him as a 917 driver in the movie Le Mans.

Below is a photo I took of Vic at the 2007 Rennsport Reunion III at Daytona. Vic had great success in the 908 including a LeMans win in 1967, though most of us think of him as a 917 driver.

I suspect the seat is set up for a shorter driver.
Vic (3rd from right) with a stellar group of 917 drivers at Rennsport Reunion III. November 2007. Bob Varsha at the podium. The driver in the tan sportcoat is David Piper who was also in the movie Le Mans. He crashed in the filming and lost is right lower leg. Owned a 917 for many years and drove it at RRIII. Quite a character. Google him.

In his later years, Vic was a regular speaker at PCA events. Nord Stern was on the cutting edge when we had him 20 years ago. I last saw Vic at RRVI at Laguna Seca in September 2018. I was sitting with David Murry when Vic stopped to greet him.

Rest in peace, my friend.