Of all the great work Carmichael-Lynch did when working with Nord Stern, this is my absolute favorite piece. It is a 2 minute video that Nord Stern helped produce. From 2007.

Standard practice In the advertising business the client will put their business up “for review” periodically and various agencies, including the incumbent, compete for the business. In 2007 PCNA put the business up for review and CL created a portfolio of work for that competition. Most of it related to the soon to be announced Panamera. A category of the competition was brand and this video was the submission for that part of their effort.

Nord Stern helped out by lining them up with Aaron Hatz shop, Flat Sixes, in Bloomington where the video was shot. The late Mark Bouljon provided the actor with the coveralls he is wearing. These are the coveralls worn in the Porsche factory in the 80’s. I don’t recall whose car is in the foreground of the opening shot.

I find the result extremely well done. This is some of the most iconic Porsche video. The lighting is very well done and the narrative outstanding. “Will we fight the gravity that pulls everything on earth back toward average.” What a great line.

They rebounded nicely a year or so later picking up the Subaru account which they have to this day.