This appeared in a 1963 issue of Panorama.

Back in 2009 Tom Countryman gave me a couple of movies to post as part of our celebration of Nord Stern’s 50th. I didn’t do much with them until 2012 when I wrote a tribute to Tom on has passing and I posted them on my Vimeo channel.   Here is a link to “Road America”.   Tom was a fun story teller and this was a good one. It was the June Sprints likely in 1959. He wanted to make this movie and figured it was best to ask for forgiveness than permission and went out in the first practice session with a huge movie camera strapped to the car.  It took a few laps before SCCA took notice and black-flagged Tom. He made the entire film from that one session.

This is fun photo from a later Road America race. Its very hard to see, but his young daughter is riding on his lap!