The 1979 IMSA Camel GT race at BIR.  The race that got me involved in this sport.  It featured no less than nine 935s and two of the ultra-turbo’d BMW 320s.  Standing along the fence between T9 and T10 watch these rocket ships go by with whistling turbos and spitting flames out the back, and I was hooked for a lifetime.  This car, the iconic 59 of Peter Gregg, took and pole and the race.  Fast lap of the race was Moretti in the Momo 935 at 1:33.  Qualy was in the rain (Something else I had never seen before. Racing in the rain? What?) and to give you an idea of how far rain tires have come, Gregg’s pole lap was a 1:53.5.  Maybe that also says something about the 935 as well.

This photo is taken from the outside of T8. There used to be a photographers stand there for this great vantage point.