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The guest speaker for Nord Stern’s upcoming Green Flag Party is Lori Schutz, daughter of former President and CEO of Porsche AG, Peter Schutz. The American Schutz led Porsche from 1981 through 1987. The Schutz role in Porsche history is significant and with us to this day. A few of many highlights include:

  • Saving the 911 which was to cease production at the end of 1981. 
  • Developing significant 911 variations which are with us today such and the Cabriolet, Speedster, and 959 (and all its related technology.)
  • The path to overall Le Mans victory. In 1981 when he learned that the factory was entering two 924’s at Le Mans he pushed his engineering teams to come up with a car that could win the race overall. They pulled the 936 from the museum, put the still-born Indy engine in the car and won the race. 
  • This effort and corporate direction directly led to the development of the 956/962. By 1983 Porsche had 9 of the top 10 finishers at Le Mans as commemorated by the iconic ad “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Ferry Porsche, Manfred Jantke, Peter W. Schutz, Norbert Wagner, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, l-r, Le Mans, 1981, Porsche AG

Note the Jules sponsored 936 on the right.

Le Mans 1981 Schutz and Ferry Porsche. Those Le Mans garages have come a long way!

At Weissach 1982. Porsche AG

Lori and Peter at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours driving the prototype 911 Speedster.

Lori is a long-time very active PCA member. Nord Stern has some remarkable connections to Peter Schutz that Lori will share with us. For example, on a Saturday morning in April of 1981 Schutz met with a group of Nord Stern members in Eden Prairie. At the close of that meeting he was made an Honorary Member of Nord Stern. It’s a great story with an untold twist that Lori will share with us. Don’t miss it.  

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