How to Register for Nord Stern Track Events

Performance Driving School (Driver Training)

Nord Stern’s (novice) Driver Training schools are held twice a year; in the spring at the “First Fling” event and again at the fall “Last Fling”.  Both schools are held on the Friday before the weekend Driver’s Education event (Saturday & Sunday).  The cost is $250 and includes a dedicated instructor to help with fundamentals and in-car guidance throughout the day.  Registrants have the option to stay for the weekend DE at a bundled fee of $450 for both events.  The DT/DE bundle is a savings of $200 over the individual event fees!

Register online at You’ll need to create an account (it’s free) by clicking here or clicking the “Create Account” button from the site’s home page. Once you log into ClubRegistration you’ll be searching for the Nord Stern Driver’s Training registration page. Here’s a guide to get you there:

  1. After logging into the site, you should be presented with a list of events. If not, click on “Search for Events” drop-down on the selection bar under the red banner.
    • Select Find Events from the pop-down menu.  This will present some options for searching all events in the system.
    • “By Keyword” … enter First or Last Fling and click on the Search button
    • “By Event Type” … select Performance Driving School from the pull-down selection and click on the Search button.
    • “By Event Host” … select Nord Stern Region PCA from the pull-down and click on the Search button.
  2. Regardless of the search mechanism you used to find the Nord Stern event, you will be shown a listing of event information. Select the Performance Driving School (First or Last Fling) and click on Details/Register…
  3. The window will refresh and present the event information, entry fees, and options. Look through the event details and if things look good, click on REGISTER to complete the process.
  4. The next window summarizes event options and the associated fees:
    • Entry Fees …  select the entry that applies to you.
    • Vehicle …  select the vehicle you will be using.
    • Event Options  select the vehicle you will be using.
    • Emergency Contact … should the Club need to contact someone on your behalf.
    • Profile … make sure your contact information is correct.

    Click Register at the bottom of the page to continue.

  5. The next window presents you with optional purchase items from goodie store that you might be interested in. The Club gets a small percentage of any items you select. Click on the View Payment Screen to start the check-out process
  6. At this point of the registration process you are registered for the event and you can optionally review or cancel your registration. Here you can submit payment via PayPal or Credit Card, mail payment to the address shown, contact the Registrar to use another form of payment or simply skip payment and notify the Registrar ( your intent to pay at track-side registration

NOTE … Nord Stern uses PayPal only as a clearing house for credit card transactions.  You are not required to have nor use a PayPal account to make an online payment.