Frequently Asked Questions

ClubTalk is fairly robust, but it can be tricky at times.  Feel free to browse the FAQ or, if you don’t find something that addresses your issue, feel free to ask a question.

General Questions

What is the ClubTalk server?

ClubTalk is based on the GNU Mailman list server software.  There are two different interfaces for interacting with the server and the ClubTalk list:  the web interface and the email interface.  Most of the day-to-day interactions with ClubTalk will use the email interface since this includes the email address registered with the server.  The web interface is used to manage subscription options, however, anything that can be changed via the web can also be changed by email.  Usually, the web interface is easier for changing options as it provides instructions as you go.

Are you having issues with ClubTalk?  Browse through the FAQ items below or send a question to the list administrator using the “Ask a Question” button above.

How to turn on or off mail delivery

Going on vacation or need a break from ClubTalk because you’re too busy to read any extra mail?  Simply disable mail delivery!

To disable/enable mail delivery using the web interface:
1. Log in to your options page
2. Go down to the section marked “Mail delivery” and select “Disabled” to stop receiving mail, and “Enabled” to start receiving mail again.

To disable/enable mail delivery using the email interface:
1. Send a message to with either the subject line or the message body with the command set delivery off  or  set delivery on.”
2. Set it to “off” to stop receiving posts, and “on” to start receiving them again.


How to send email to ClubTalk subscribers?

Posting a message for all ClubTalk subscribers to see is as simple as sending an email message to  If your sending email address is registered with the server, your message will be posted to the list and forward to the other subscribers.

I got a non-member rejection. What gives?

Did you get a rejection notice from the server?  Did you send your message from another email account that you haven’t registered with ClubTalk?  Only registered and approved email addresses are allowed to post messages to ClubTalk.  This doesn’t mean you cannot have more than one email address registered with the server.  Head over to the subscription page or send an email from the desired account to

I lost my subscriber password.

To retrieve your password for ClubTalk, go to the information page at  Under the Clubtalk Subscribers section, enter your registered email address in the field next to the “Unsubscribe or edit options” button.  On the resulting member options page, click the “Remind” button at the bottom of the page and your list password will be emailed to you.

My post was too big?

Unfortunately, individual posts to ClubTalk have a size limit.   This is to try and keep from exceeding user cellular usage limitations and hogging bandwidth on slow Internet connections.  This is especially troublesome when subscribers reply to messages with large attachments and add something of their own.  Consider resizing those smartphone pictures before posting.

About ClubTalk

Our List Server

ClubTalk is an electronic mailing list that forwards posts to every subscriber.  The Club uses this as a townhall-like discussion forum.  Topics range from anything Porsche to DIY projects.  Please refrain from engaging political discussions or intentionally starting controversial subjects.  

How to Join

You must be a member in good standing with Nord Stern, PCA, or an advertiser or service partner.  Subscription requests can be made via the web using this link or sending an email to

Post a Message

To distribute a message to ClubTalk subscribers, you simply address an email message to  If your email address is found to be a subscriber, the server will post your message to the list and forward a copy to each of the other subscribers.

How to Unsubscribe

Don’t want to be on ClubTalk any longer?  You can unsubscribe using this web link or sending a mail message to